For senior citizens, getting the right health care is a complicated ordeal. Since many have multiple health issues, they have to visit several doctors, specialists and pharmacies to get what they need. It’s tiring, inefficient and unhealthy, even for care givers. JenCare Senior Medical Centers offers seniors one-stop convenience for almost all of their health care needs, from primary care doctors to specialists to pharmacy. They even provide transportation to and from the centers. More importantly, they earn better outcomes.

Who Were We Talking To (The Audience)

Spurrier Group identified core target audiences for JenCare as well as their personality traits and key reasons for becoming members.  From there, we developed a persona of the typical JenCare customer – an elderly woman age 65+ with a fixed household income below $20k – and then tailored our media recommendation to help spread the world about this new way of getting and staying healthy.

What Did We Want To Tell Them (The Strategy)

The campaign had several goals – to increase awareness of JenCare’s newly opened centers in key DMAs (Richmond, Louisville, and New Orleans) and to remind seniors that JenCare’s facilities were Medicare eligible.  The secondary goal was to remind seniors of the looming deadline for Medicare Open Enrollment.

How Did We Tell Them (The Creative)

The creative message for JenCare conveyed the broad array of medical services available to seniors under one roof, including free transportation to appointments and personalized service from a friendly staff.

Where Did We Tell Them (The Media)

Based on our analysis of the target audience, our final media recommendation included television (network and cable), radio, newspaper, outdoor, and online advertising, all of which ran concurrently with an integrated message about JenCare and Medicare Open Enrollment.

Was It Effective (The Results)

Since the campaign started, JenCare has been in hyper-growth mode, expanding current centers, opening new ones across the United States and helping their customers live better lives. When strategic media can jumpstart a result like that, everyone wins!