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March 31, 2020

March is Women’s History Month

Amelia Earhart

Almost missed it but March is Women’s History Month and is a dedicated month to reflect on the often overlooked contributions of women to United States history. Being so blessed to work with the amazing women at Spurrier Group, that includes 1st time moms to grandmothers, I asked them for some of their choices, historical or otherwise – women they admired and why. Thanks, ladies, for a taking a minute to be thankful and honor some pretty incredible women.

Margaret Thatcher. “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” It’s a great reminder to let your ability and hard work define you. I’ve always admired the strength, determination and resilience of Sojourner Truth. From being sold into slavery at the age of nine to delivering the powerful “Ain’t I a Woman” speech at the first Women’s Rights convention in 1851 and being invited to meet President Abraham Lincoln, Truth is a hero in history.

I’m especially impressed with Kristin Bell. She isn’t afraid to show her authentic self and be honest about challenges with her husband and Its also nice to see someone use their celebrity to promote social good.

One of the living female figures I most admire is Roma Downey; actress, producer and philanthropist. “When much is given, much is expected” has been her guiding principle and the inspiration behind her approach to charitable and philanthropic endeavors. She has been an ambassador for the Virginia-based nonprofit Operation Smile for 20 years and also involved in an organization “Cradle Fund” that helps protect Christian families in the Middle East who are being persecuted for their beliefs.

Brené Brown is someone I admire as she has taught generations of people, including myself, that it’s brave to be vulnerable, powerful to make and own your mistakes, and courageous to live wholly in your core values.

René W. Harris is a woman I admire very much and am proud to call her a friend. She taught me so many valuable life lessons, especially while “leading by example”. Through many of life’s challenges, she has a positive attitude and always tries to find the good in people. She was, and is, a great leader/role model to the many students and teachers who have walked the halls of Beech Hill Elementary school in Summerville, SC.

I love Ellen – “Be kind to one another”. She continually promotes a message of acceptance, love, and charity. And Helen Keller: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement”. Wow!

There are so many, but I’ve always been fascinated by Dr. Christine Darden. Against all the obstacles in society at the time, she become a data analyst devoted much of her 40-year career in aerodynamics at NASA to researching supersonic flight and sonic booms. She was the first African-American woman at NASA’s Langley Research Center to be promoted into the Senior Executive Service, the top rank in the federal civil service. Dr. Christine Darden is one of the researchers in the book and movie Hidden Figures. I’m in awe not of what she knew or how amazingly brilliant she was, but at what she persevered to achieve her goals. And WE are the luckier for it!

Angela Rye, American attorney, political commentator, and civil rights activist. I love her because she’s intelligent, sassy and fights for the human and civil rights of African Americans. I admire her boldness and her ability to educate people with the facts even through heated exchanges.