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The first business line offered by Spurrier Group is research.

We find research can be transformative, helping clients more effectively spend their marketing budgets, no matter who places the media. Additionally, many clients have already determined their audiences, and Spurrier Group can assist those clients by providing additional insight to what motivates these clients and how those potential customers consume media to understand where, when and how to show up to best connect with consumers. While clients certainly benefit from these insights, we often find that creative agencies are our biggest fans when it comes to helping to give color to flat audience definitions.

All Spurrier Group clients who engage in strategy or buying services, also get this research as part of the package, as we value the research to fuel our media choices.

Foundational Research
Audience Refinement
Cross Discipline Approach

Our Process

Using a world-class suite of research tools, combined with our decades of experience, Spurrier Group can help clients determine and understand the attitudes, values and behaviors of their potential customers as well as define the best prospects for their products and services. This information is translated into digestible content and images and shared across the integrated agency team as well as the client. The clients and creative teams love all the color that helps give dimension to the traditional audience definitions. The media teams appreciate the deep media usage and media attitude insights that can help fuel strategic media choices.

We Know Stuff

We know data. We know how to analyze information to find the parts that are actually helpful. We know that informing all players from client, media, creative, PR, social content, etc., with the research-based persona insights makes us all smarter!

Why It Works

It works because the old adage is true – knowledge is power. The media landscape is so crowded, so fragmented and for most brands, the competition is heavy. Clients need every tool in their toolbox to optimize and maximize the resources they have to work with. Starting with solid consumer research and applying that across all disciplines is a strong foundation for successful advertising campaigns.