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The process of creating, executing and tracking a media campaign requires collaboration.

We bring in all the smart thinking from our media team around the research, goals, objectives and metrics, but also work with our campaign partners to understand the creative, PR, owned and organic implications.

We know when it comes to creating a successful media plan and buys, the consumer is king. This speaks to our extensive process of developing the target audience as well as our attention to the ever-changing media landscape. Shifts in desirable content and attention spans can be a moving target. Media consumption trends once took years to be visible. Now they are seen quarterly or even monthly.

The right tools are needed to gather research, check competition, measure usage and delivery and track back to an ROI. We must know exactly what we are putting to track what comes out and use that to tell a story that will then guide the next round.


Our Process

While we never START with media and always start with research and strategy before developing media plans, our performance media process centers on understanding the target and what THEY want; what they are willing to view/watch and how they are willing to engage. We establish smart metrics at the start so we can optimize throughout and guarantee success.

We Know Stuff

Our team knows how to assess media consumption and fit the right tactic with the target. It’s what we do. We also work with our creative partners to ensure the message fits just as well. Media is never the last step in the process.

Why It Works

Our partnership focus extends to our media partners. The are just that – partners. We get the best results when we team with other smart people, and who knows more about their media product than they do? We want to constantly have the most updated product information. We are a team. This means expert service and attention – and lots of referral business!