For the last five years, Spurrier Group has served as the media agency of record for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program aka Floodsmart. We work on a team with several other agency partners to increase flood insurance awareness among high-risk target audiences and then drive qualified traffic to for risk assessment.

Who Were We Talking To (The Audience)

Our target consumer is one who lives in a metro area where flooding is relatively common.

What Did We Want To Tell Them (The Strategy)

Our objective is to build awareness among homeowners, insurance agents, and stakeholders that nearly every home faces the risk of flooding, and that flood insurance is a relatively inexpensive insurance product that protects homeowners from financial ruin.

How Did We Tell Them (The Creative)

One thing that is unique about flooding in the insurance category, and that is a powerful, emotional component of our communications, is that the consequences of a flood event are visceral. Families are displaced from their homes. Personal items are lost or destroyed by water, gunk, mud, and mold. People are left sometimes with literally only the clothes on their back, and meanwhile the bank is still sending mortgage bills.
In that sense, it doesn’t really take a conceptual representation of the problem/solution that is typical for most brands/products. With flood insurance, the truth is stranger than fiction. As a result, the creative team at our agency partner JWT focused on the consequences of flooding and the burden that is lifted in getting one’s life back together by having flood insurance.

Where Did We Tell Them (The Media)

The media campaign itself is multi-faceted.  There are several offline and online channels involved, and many key performance indicators (KPIs) that gauge consumer impact.  All paid media is planned, placed, managed and optimized by Spurrier Group.  Once up and running, the paid media engages the target audience in multiple ways and drives them to engage with various KPIs through a Call Center and/or live chat.  The most important KPIs are “Risk Assessment” (whether the target audience wants to determine if their home is at risk of flooding) and “Request Agent” (whether the target audience wants to speak with an insurance agent about flood insurance for their home and/or request a quote).  

Was It Effective (The Results)

Spurrier Group has been working on the FEMA FloodSmart campaign for almost five years.  In 2015, an independent review of the media mix modeling for these Floodsmart campaigns revealed that FEMA received a $105 ROI for every $1 spent, thus validating our team’s performance-based and consumer-centric approach — now that is what we call exceptional business results!