We Can Help

Our Process

Our roots are in a consumer-centric process – one that integrates all parts of a marketing campaign to ensure not only media and creative messaging cohesiveness, but also alignment of all paid, owned and earned communications.  We ensure that everything is leading to the right trackable performance metrics for the attainment of key performance indicators.  Our process ensures that we ask all the right questions, get informative direction, make the most efficient decisions and provide you with campaigns that are optimized to deliver against client goals. 

We Know Stuff

More science, less guessing.  Research for the sake of research is pretty useless.  But, when research, trends, insights and experience are combined, campaigns start out ahead of the curve.  Real time optimization against specific goals allows the team at Spurrier Group to make adjustments along the way, not after a campaign is completed.  No rear view mirror analytics but tangible insights from the metrics and recommendations to adjust to those insights while the campaign is live.

Why It Works

Data can be overwhelming to agencies and clients and spoiler alert … You don’t need ALL of that data. Just because we have it doesn’t mean that it is empowering the campaign.  We know how to develop advertising campaigns with clear performance goals that are based in the RELEVANT data.  When you know how to set up a campaign correctly to capture the needed data to make test-to-scale effective, then you know how to ultimately develop predictive models that reduce wasted media spend.  The team at Spurrier Group also specializes in the consumer engagement experience and provides web site, landing page and communication plan perspective to provide our creative partners with the most valuable insights. We have the strategic insights and experience you need.  After all, we know stuff.